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The building of additional protective infrastructure around a couch fort. Couch forts being predominantly made of pillow and potentially mattresses, thus sandbags would theoretically be made of apple pies. Popularised by the Melbourne Fort Builders Anonymous society.
Andrew: Gee Rach, you've gone to quite a bit of effort with sandbagging the moat of this week's fort

Rachel: You know it, these apple pie sandbags look silly now, but when the Saxons turn up, they ain't gettin anywhere near my Bulls jumper.
by sxpress7 May 19, 2008
To ditch your betrothed for an older, more run down option
Cripes, did you see Nick's new missus? Talk about old, boy did he pull a lath on that one...
by sxpress7 November 05, 2015
A Vinyl Sniffer is someone who has become so into collecting vinyl records, that their obsession has extended to analysing the scent of the vinyl pressing itself. Sniffing the Vinyl can apparently elicit feelings of superiority and hipster glee.
'Hey Dave, what do you have there?'

'This is the original 1980 Bronze Records pressing of Ace of Spades..... Smells so deep and rich '

' You douchebag Vinyl Sniffer'
by sxpress7 April 08, 2016

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