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5 definitions by swimmer

another way of sayin toronto
by swimmer August 21, 2003
Nipple Hard On
You can tell she has NHO bad
by Swimmer May 20, 2003
A neighborhood in eastern Pennsylvania. It is full of hard-working middle to upper-middle class families. Also is home to a growing of young professioanls, drawm to the large old house and close-knit community feel.
I came to Lansdowne to live amoung other upper-middle class fmailies and because of the large Victorians homes, located in one of two historic districts.
by swimmer February 25, 2005
1. Limber Japanese anime girl that enjoys three-way sex with naughty American film makers.

2. The Johnson boys and Swimmer Films Production company.
"Me JoJoSwi...likey American boing-boing! Tee-hee!"
by Swimmer January 27, 2003
a losing team
swim atlanta lost again
by swimmer June 11, 2003