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the act of making a person bite the curb, then stepping on the back of their head killing them
After, I got head from this slutty chick she told everyone what she did. So i sought revenge on her by curbing her.
by swil April 01, 2003
when after receiving oral sex the guy pulls his penis out of the chicks mouth and slaps her on the forehead with his dick
Man Last night I gave Veronica the wickest penis slap
by swil February 27, 2003
a playful game among peers where one tries to pop another in the nuts
NUT TAG!! You're It
by swil February 27, 2003
when air passes through the penis and it makes a farty squeeky noise
(squeeeeeeeeeek) Dude, did you just ziggernut?
by swil February 27, 2003
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