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Your view is different then mine so I am going to tease you in a sarcastic way
Tom: I love going for long walks on Sundays, they make me feel so close to nature!

Tim: Riight... well whatever floats your boat man.
by sweetheart21 February 12, 2007
1) Adj. Response when you are happy, but surprised or shocked by what was said.

2) Adj. Response to an insult. Often said by sassy african american women on Jerry Springer etc.
1) smarmy tv show host: you've just won a years supply of Snack Packs!
Fat guy: shut-your-mouth

2) Some chick: You stole my man? You dirty scank!
Sassy chick: You shut your mouth! He dont want you no more. MmmHmm (followed by clicking fingers from side to side)
by sweetheart21 March 03, 2007
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