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McGill University noun

University of Toronto's retarded incest cousin in Quebec.

McGill is located in Montreal - the city is also known as the 'Gateway to Toronto'.

Schools in Canada better than McGill: The University of Toronto (hands down), The University of Waterloo (hands down), Queens and UBC.

McGill is basically a State School. It's a regular, run of the mill public university. The degree is meaningless. Companies are always careful when hiring McGill grads.

Employers have one rule: ALWAYS ask a McGill student for their transcript.
(A McGill and U of Toronto grad are both at the same job interview)

McGill Grad: Hey, did you get the job?

UofT Grad: Duh.

McGill Grad: What!? How's that possible? I thought they really liked me.

UofT Grad: Dude, you went to McGill....
by sweetandlow May 16, 2010
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