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The most misused networking tool on the internet. MySpace was originally created for garage bands as a way to network with other bands but this changed quickly as there are now over 10,000 groups each which would cater to a different Genre. There are many bands, still unsigned, in different states and even countries, that would never would have even been heard of, much less actually heard, that now have access to over 100 million users.
"After about 6 months into my myspace, I began to get really into the music listening part of it. I found my favorite bands, found some less than main stream bands, and got tons of free music to listen to without waiting for downloads (the streaming audio doesn't always work smoothly though). Because of the myspace music feature I was able to listen to the entire Weezer album before it was released and I realized that I hated it, and saved myself money."
by sweetadeline112358 December 05, 2007

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