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having sex, or performing sexual acts. Can be used as a code to warn friends to not come into a room, visit, etc.
person 1: "hey, can i come down and hang out? i'm bored as hell."
person 2: "um, i don't know i'm kinda busy..."
person 1: "oh, whatcha doin'?"
person 2: "um..making cookies..."
person 1: "ahhhhh i see..."
by sweet-sale.com September 11, 2003
used to describe a person that you can't really tell if they are a man or a woman.
person 1: "um, i can't tell if thats a man or a woman.."
person 2: "me neither, damn unisex face!"
by sweet-sale.com September 11, 2003
used to describe something that is/kinda is "emo".
Joe is SO emonic.

This song is kinda emonic.
by sweet-sale.com September 11, 2003
1. In theory, a form of money which is really just a bunch of coins glued together on top each other to form a stick, thus stick money :)
person 1: "dude, i'm all out of paper dollars, but i have a ton of change, its really annoying to pack that shit around"
person 2: "if only stick money were real, you'd have it made"
person 1: "yeah really"
by sweet-sale.com September 11, 2003
Its just like saying "hell yeah" only different :)
person 1: "you know what would be funny as hell? if we went to the chinese place again and that dumb redneck hit on that chinese girl again."
person 2: "hell uh huh! that poor girl!"
by sweet-sale.com September 10, 2003
In theory, a really nasty dish consisting of chicken stuffed into a large peice of beef. Also used to refer to "redneck food".
This shit is nasty! I bet chicken in a beef would taste better than this!

person 1: "I'm hungry, but there isn't any place to eat around here, we are in Mill Creek after all!"
person 2: "hey, we could always find some chicken in a beef!"

Can also be pronounced in a "hick accent" for more effect. Like Chicken in a BEEEEEEEFF!
by sweet-sale.com September 10, 2003
1. This is just a funnier way of saying "sped". A smart person is an "ADVANCED auto part" hehe, while a slower person is a sped auto part
That girl is such a sped auto part!
by sweet-sale.com September 11, 2003
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