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CHJ. (see aych jay). Cocaine Hand Job. noun.

1. the act of getting one's cocaine high administered through the use of a hand job

2. the act of masturbating someone else with the assistance of the drug commonly known as cocaine

3. the brilliant combination of sexual pleasure and cocaine to achieve a mind-blowing dopamine rush

Commonly known side effects include a burning sensation in the opening of the penis and numbing of the skin and/or sensitivity of the penis.
Last night I was pregaming before the party and my girlfriend walked in. Instead of getting mad, she gave me a CHJ! Holy shit!

Guy1: Dude I did some Tony last night and got a handjob at that party!
Guy2: Fuck that, you should have used it for a CHJ!

Ahh fuck I can't wait to get off work and get a CHJ!
by sweepy March 27, 2012
Anything scoopable and almost as good as Pussy.

etymology: Southern United States (1979), coined at a Baskin Robbins icecream parlor

poontang, pussy, icecream, spoon
Man, that Rocky Road is some good spoontang.
by Sweepy April 15, 2009

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