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Damn this and the whole of its properties fully to the nethrest regions of hell.
A: Could you perchance inform me of the time? I suspect I am late for an appointment at the nearest liquor store.
B: I regret to inform that the time of day has far surpassed the window of time in which visiting said establishment is probable without the aid of a crowbar. In other words, they just closed.
A: Con sarn it!
#consarn it #damn it #fucking hell #fuck this shit #i'm going home
by sv-1 June 08, 2007
an expression of enthusiastic agreement.
a: "this cat's wrinkling up my fresh gear!"
b: "truedat!"
by sv-1 December 12, 2004
random person of unknown identity.
a: "i had a great dream last night."
b: "i could care less, go tell dudeface over there."
by sv-1 December 12, 2004
A desperate attempt to fix a borked situation.
A: You told her she was a dumb cow with a socially irresponsible haircut?
B: Yeah, I spent the rest of the weekend Ctrl+Z'ing that shit from seventeen directions.
#ctrl #control #undo #refix #escape
by sv-1 August 29, 2007
belligerent wording from the mouth of an obnoxious woman.
a: "i ain't gon' clean no fucking floor! do it yourself!"
b: "shut your trap and quit that whorescat!"
by sv-1 December 12, 2004
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