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the piece of skin between the nostrils
My cloit itches, someone must be talking about me!
by Susan July 27, 2004
any normal dictionary, made by people who are called "lexographers" who are too damn interested in the origins of words.
dictionary.com is a dictiontatorshipary.
by Susan January 21, 2004
1. trash can
2. ugly
ugh, that guy is SO james michael!
by Susan April 25, 2005
To prolong ones golfing season and hope no one gets injured.
I was about to swing and it wasn't my fault you stepped in the way of the club and cracked your head open.
by Susan June 15, 2004
Computer nerd slang for "Thanksgiving"
Have a happy kthxgiving nub!
by Susan December 13, 2003
a series of conflicts between Iceland and England because Iceland insisted on increasing its fishing area. Some people say it got close to real war, but it was mostly a kind of, "drop those fish, or we'll fire a shot off your bow" sort of conflict. Iceland wins, the Brits are no match for them :)
Say, why did the Brits lose to the Icelanders? Oh that's right, they overfished, and Iceland's economy is like 81% dependent on cod.
by Susan November 29, 2003
1. trash can
2. not cool
that guy is SO james michael! ugh!
by Susan April 25, 2005
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