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41 definitions by susan

The act of mateing between a girl and a guy. (not two guys or two girl now that would be some strange coloring)
guys are blue
girls are red
no purpleing
by susan February 20, 2005
northern irish slang, referring mainly to male adolescents who wear tracksuit bottoms and other sports gear, and who are stereotypically rowdy and dumb. known in England as "neds"
i saw a pile of steeks outside the chippie last night
by susan April 03, 2003
that grossed out feeling like you have slugs in your mouth
Bleech, I put WHAT in my mouth last night?
by Susan March 24, 2004
a line of men, each putting one finger up the asshole of the man in front and holding the penis of the man behind.
The frat uses the elephant train in their hazing.
by Susan November 19, 2003
One One The Best Punk Bands Ever
Also the Sex pistols
by Susan August 24, 2003
To pitch a bitch means to throw a fit, or a have a hell of a good time, to raise hell,etc..
It's my birthday and I'm goin pitch a bitch! or She pitched a bitch when she caught him cheating!
by Susan November 18, 2003
a hot and sexy korean star taken by janet
janet: binbin is so damn fione.
by susan April 08, 2005