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The nicest and wealthiest suburb and town in the state of Maryland, and quite possibly in the country. The people from Potomac are VERY well cultured, traveled and educated. Most of them own large businesses or work for large companies. The area has one of the best high schools in the country; Winston Churchill High School along with several other very well accredited private schools, with an average graudation rate of 99% each year. The show 90210 was supposed to be on Potomac, but due to the lack of unfamiliarity when compared to Beverly Hills, the show was based their. Just about everyone in the Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania area are familiar with the Potomac, MD, if not they need to get their head out from under that rock!!
potomac parent: I cant believe you just wrecked that mercedes we baught you!
HS student: But daddy it wasnt my fault! I want something else!
potomac parent: ok, well just wait until your birthday
HS student: NO, i want it now
by surferboy1 January 14, 2010

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