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Website where a bunch of guys look at pictures of each other posing usually wearing a pair of raw denim, a flannel shirt, vans, and a slouch beanie.

Filled with elitists who think their skin tight raw denim they haven't washed in 1 year is the epitome of fashion and style. Starting in 2005-06, there has been a massive influx of converts from ISS and Niketalk - usually ghetto people who don't know how to dress (they usually wear tall tees, fubu/girbaud, fake evisu, ghetto brands...etc).

True Religion, Diesel, Seven, Rock and Republic, and other Eurotrashy brands are looked down upon, while brands such as Nudies, APC, Samurai, Supreme, etc are cool.

Reputation can be given. People like Stuckonstupid, chardsomething, sidneylo, and all those people are supercool because they have a lot of rep.

It is also a dating site, as visible by the meet up and successful relationship of Sidneylo <3 Rirawin.
Person 1: I just got pair of Samurais from BiG in NYC.

Person 2: I got my Imperials from Context.

Person 3: I love my true religion jeans!

Person 1&2: Your style sucks - go to superfuture!
by supremenyc May 11, 2007

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