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Wernette is the name of which the KING OF DESU goes by. He lives and breathes Rozen Maiden. He is known throughout the interwebs for his DESU obsession.

He's almost as famous as Wernette is!
No one knows Desu more than Wernette!
by supersmexyginjaninjakitteh July 01, 2010
Airguitar <refered to as 'Air'> is a grand and prized member of the beloved site FunnyJunk. He kicks ass and takes crap from no one. With his high power and his army, he can persuade FJ to do almost anything, while still being light-hearted and not afraid to be an idiot. His brilliant comments are always witty and hilarious. We all love him, especially 'U'. :)
Did you see that KICK ASS comment that Air left? So funny!

Airguitar completely raided that post!
by supersmexyginjaninjakitteh July 09, 2010
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