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short for "Thanks In Advance"

mostly used in the software pirate community on Bulletin Board Systems. Pirates would request software and since it may be some time before someone actually uploads it, they would write TIA after the request to express gratitude
Can you please upload a copy of Windows XIII Ultimate Edition complete with serial. TIA
by superjonbot March 01, 2010
A term spun off from the popularity of the term "no homo" used in hip hop culture, but instead is used when promoting drinking then is tacked on at the end of a phrase to dissuade being cheap about it. It is mainly used by the common working class, often on Fridays to stress that anyone invited should be in it to drink for the long haul. Anyone that is on a budget or is conscious of money spent is not welcome as they are a reminder of responsibility which of course can ruin the night.

It also applies to people who are so cheap, they only come out for free alcohol, this can be seen at company open bars, or even more often at art gallery openings. These people never get along well with the common drinking crowd since they only participate when it is financially convenient. This too becomes a reminder or responsibility that real alcoholics want no part of.

The term may also refers to the leeching factor some people have. For example, if there's 4 people drinking buying rounds for the table and the 4th person always leaves at the 3rd round. That person is classified as a hobo. "Hobomaximus" can be used if he didn't chip in for appetizers either.
ex 1. It was a stressful week, lets go down for a drink. No Hobo.

ex 2. My friends are screening their short film downtown, yeah, opening is tonight, bring your friends. No Hobo.

ex 3. Fuck Jimmy, I told you, "NO HOBO!", That motherfucker is hobomaximus!
by superjonbot March 03, 2010

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