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"the truth is, everyone is fucked up."

pertaining not exclusively to being intoxicated, but tired, unhappy, depressed, in-a-rut, anxious, a-regularly-nervous-person, a psychotic, etc....
drunk friend: "dooooode, imz so fucked up rightnow! what am i going to doooooo!!!??"

sober friend: "don't worry about it man, everybody's fucked up! rule 173."


A: "god dam it i'm sooo fucked! i didn't finish the English paper man!"

B: "it's alright, we're all fucked anyway!"
by superfail March 07, 2009
making something that is non-pornographic into something pornographic.

"i'm screwed, i can't watch the simpsons anymore because i saw it pornographized on the internetz." :(
by superfail March 07, 2009
nothing is sacred
a: "i cannot believe they are de-sanctifying Mother Mary in this atrocious satanic collage!"
b: "well, nothing is sacred. rule 42 lady..."
by superfail March 07, 2009

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