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3 definitions by superbadedgar

when two people flirt on facebook, and it's obvious that they like each other
Girl 1: I don't know how Manny feels about me.
Girl 2: It's pretty facebook obvious that he likes you.
Girl 1: What does that even mean?
Girl2: It means that he is always flirting with you on facebook.
by superbadedgar April 11, 2011
when you are exausted after a day at Disneyland.
dude, I slept like 20 hours after we went to Disneyland. It was a total case of Disney lag.
by superbadedgar March 05, 2011
When something is really intense, like a scene in the video game "Call of Duty.
remember that time we hydroplaned trying to get on the freeway, that was hella call of duty
by superbadedgar January 24, 2011