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7 definitions by sunkeyeno.3

Call work and tell them that you are calling in well . . . tell them that you have been sick every day that you have been there and today you feel good and you don't want to waste it on going to work . . .
Hey, it's me . . . I am "Calling in well . . ." , I have been sick every day that I have worked there but I feel good today and I can't find a reason to mess it up by coming to work . . see you tomorrow . . .
by sunkeyeno.3 August 11, 2011
When a thread in the "general discussion" forum heats up to a point that the moderators are forced to move it to a pay-only forum (premium) . . . usually resulting in the death of that thread . . .
Did you see that thread about the two dudes having sex on top of the Cameron jetties with a pink dolphin? . . . no, the thread went "premium" . . . before I could see it . . . shouldn't have let my subscription lapse . . .
by sunkeyeno.3 February 12, 2012
To leave right then, quickly . . . the only thing they see is your ass - leaving!
If they make me mop tonite, I'm gonna "Blind 'em with ass . . ."
by sunkeyeno.3 July 11, 2011
The terrible smell coming from your partners mouth after they have just given you a blowjob, disregarding the fact that you told them you had sex with a different person the day before and that you had not taken a shower since.
Dude, I saw a hot lady leaving your house this morning when I was leaving for work.

Yea, she was hot . . . but she had ho breath so bad that I couldn't even kiss her goodbye
by sunkeyeno.3 July 01, 2012
Substitute word for Motherfucker. It gets by a lot of internet filters that an employer might find offensive.
That Algebra test was a marfokker! This weed is a marfokker!
That duck got up and just flew away after I shot him twice - that's one tuff marfokker!
by sunkeyeno.3 July 30, 2011
Spread your hand out and point to each finger and say "I . . . don't . . . give . . . a . . . fuck". It means I could care less, whatever you say or do has no effect on me. It is used when it is inappropriate to actually say "I don't give a fuck"
Boss: I'm gonna have to suspend you for 2 days.

Me: Rule of 5.

Ex-girlfriend: If you don't go to the concert with me I'm gonna break up with you.

Me: Rule of 5.
by sunkeyeno.3 July 22, 2011
What you politely call "talking shit"
I had to leave the room . . . his oral defecation was making me nauseous.
by sunkeyeno.3 March 13, 2012