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A titlike fatpouch hanging from someone's back. Popularly found in morbidly obese individuals.
Whoa, Diana, wear looser clothing. I can see a backtit.
by summers July 17, 2004
1. (verb) to make fun of someone
2. (verb) to kick someone from an IRC channel (namely Kenny7822)
3. (noun) a slang term for the name Kenneth Hoey.
1. You totally lenzed me. Now I feel like an ass.
2. /ctcp holla lenz_him
3. Kenny7822: My name is not LENZ!
by summers July 17, 2004
A person who is averse to personal hygiene. Specifically, someone who doesn't use a bath tub/seems afraid of water.
Look at him, he's a non-tubber! Not even the dogs will go near him!
by Summers March 30, 2005
Aussie slang for a person who doesnt wash him/herself, i.e. avoids the bath 'tub'.
Look at him! He's a Non-Tubber! I bet if you scrubbed his back long enough, you'd find his school bag!
by Summers October 11, 2008
An old-school Aussie slang word, refering to ones ability to take on another in a challenge (usually a fight).
"If you wanna be a fuckarse, I'll accommodate ya!"


"He couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. I accommodated him no hassles"
by Summers May 06, 2007
When the chick you're having sex with has got stubble around her pussy because she hasn't shaved it for days. The result: abrasions to the shaft of your cock that hurt like hell.
I was rooting your mum the other night and her cock chafer made a mess of my round man.
by Summers June 06, 2007
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