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3 definitions by suikodenfan88

mispronounced and misspelled for centuries now. actually spelled bass-turd and it is a derogatory word for someone who you would like to call fish poop.
I can believe you won u bass-turd.
by suikodenfan88 August 06, 2010
8 2
The act of taking one's laptop into the bathroom while they take a sh**.
I figure I'd tell her I'd brb but then I remembered I was on my laptop and could just poop and 'pute?
by suikodenfan88 December 03, 2010
5 0
Often said by Hagrid in Harry Potter movies and book. The actual definition is believed to be a sack tap done by a pissed off fish after it is caught.
John: I love watching America's Funniest Home Videos, especially when someone gets Codswalloped by the pissed off fish they caught
by Suikodenfan88 July 31, 2010
11 27