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Someone who gets preferential treatment just because they play sports.
O. J. Simpson was acquitted from two counts of murder b/c he is a jock.

The captain of the football team is a real jock. The principal superseded the English teacher and gave the jock a "D" since he made the winning touchdown in the homecoming game.
by Sudo Nim April 05, 2004
(sometimes hyphenated butt-crust)

n. Hardened fecal matter not cleansed from the anal area. (Usually Vulgar)
Quaid's excessive buttcrust stained his underwear.
by Sudo Nim December 15, 2003
n. (Vulgar) One who practices unclean analingus. See also buttcrust, analingus
She ate his buttcrust and threw up.
by Sudo Nim December 15, 2003
n. 1. Brit Hume according to Al Franken.
On C-SPAN, Al Franken had the audacity to call Brit Hume a poopshoot.
by Sudo Nim December 16, 2003
A gag prize or worthless item (Origin from "Let's Make a Deal")
The contestant gave away $1500 for the curtain. She ended up getting zonked.
by Sudo Nim December 16, 2003
The scientific term for manboobs.
gyne = woman
co (como) = like
mastia = boobs
Bob the big butt has gynecomastia.
by Sudo Nim December 14, 2004
The crappiest engine ever made by General Motors.
I'm glad my Grand Am has the 2.5L Throttle Body instead of the quad 4
by sudo nim April 08, 2004

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