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a guy (usually foreign/ Russian especially) that thinks it's cool to act cocky and call you things such as bitch, then try to get in your pants, and when you say no (because you don't know if they have some weird fucking foreign disease), kick you out of their house because he's not 'getting some.' These guys should be taken back to Russia where their perverted asses belong because we don't need these nasty fucks raising their dirty children here.
Russian: oh wait; so i totally just played it off like i was a nice guy and i wasn't just using you for sex.
American; uh duhh; you said Americans were bad; yu basically just raped me
Russian; whoops; my b. no i just wanna bang you; and i'll do anything to get wht i want
American; ASSHOLE
by suckonthatyouasshole July 02, 2011

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