6 definitions by suckmynine

psghetti,breads,paper towels,kleenex and knapkins

from the adult swim show Metalocalypse
Nathan:What are Carcomymrates

Swiskgar: uhh, you know likes psgehtti

Toki: Breads

Swiskgar: Paper towles

Toki: kleenex and knapkins
by suckmynine July 23, 2009
the process of making someone hate you enough to not want you to be around them
Zach used the Manduka effect so his band teacher would not want him back next year, See the reverse Manduka effect
by suckmynine December 26, 2009
making someone like you enough without seeing you that when they do see you they dont care what you look like, see the manduka effect
jimmy used the reverse manduka effect so his online date wouldnt care the he is an albino twig
by suckmynine December 29, 2009
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