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the half turn is used in many situations. For one, its when your ina movie theatre or somewhere very quiet and someone behind you is making noise, you kind of halfway turn your head towards the, just so they know you hear them. another case is when you cut someone off driving and they honk angrily at you and you just kind of turn your head with a little smile to say "ya bitch" wothout actually saying it. even more offensive than the bird
"well after i gave him the half turn he shut his dick up"
#half #turn #happy #sad #sex #booty #ha;fturn #halfturn #dflhesiohlkdf #cocksuck #bob saget
by suckdickforcoke August 19, 2008
when somebody farts on the elevator and you have thirty more floors to go
"sorry if i smell so much, i got the hellevator"
#hell #elevator #fart #gay #sex #booty
by suckdickforcoke August 19, 2008
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