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A financial institutuion in the porn industry
A company that profits off of pornograhpy. A Porn Bank finances a spank bank!
by suburbansista September 30, 2009
A band that plays strip clubs to advance their career.
A rock and roll band who plays strip clubs live, using their music as a porn groove in the name of rock and roll. Strip Hop rock is a new trend for aspiring bands.
by suburbansista September 30, 2009
I person who knowingly is a part of the cast in a strip clubs live performance that participates in porn groove that is meant to lead to an orgy.
An underground afterhours party for strippers, musicians and clientel of a strip club with the intention of recruiting patrons and employees to participate in an orgy for profit. Porn party pimp's are porn recruiters!
by suburbansista September 30, 2009
A DJ who plays strip clubs
A Porn Groove Pimp is a disc Jockey who plays his music live at an event where strippers put on a live show hence creating a porn groove
by Suburbansista September 30, 2009
Someone who claims to channel Jimi Hendrix's spirit.
An artist paints an abstract picture that ends up looking like the face of Jimi Hendrix. Hence The Voodoo Chile artist was only a medium from the spiritual world to the material world.
by suburbansista October 01, 2009
A form of artistic expression
When a musical artist loops samples of their own material to produce a new song. Skiphop stands in defiance to the co-denpendent relationship trip hop artists have upon guest musicians that have no mechanical licensing rights.
by suburbansista September 30, 2009
Pimp Style refers to a certain type of approach Pimps give to women musicians in the entertainment industry so that they can recruit them into the porn indusrty.
A famous Producer takes interest in a womens music and asks her to come down to the studio to talk. He then asks her to dance for him which has nothing to do with the matter at hand. Pimp Style Producers are the bottomfeeders of the music industry
by suburbansista September 30, 2009

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