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The original Electronic rap-metal album.
Revolutionized the nu-metal scene. Criticized by losers because it was more popular than Marlyin Manson.
Hybrid Theory is awesome
by styrocen May 01, 2003
1) Awesome, exciting or energetic
2) Great song preformed by Linkin Park
3) Great song preformed by AC/DC
1) Man, that LP concert was high voltage
2) High voltage is my fav song
3) High voltage is my fav song
by Styrocen May 01, 2003
So crappy its awesome. Comes from "Ultimate"
"Man, that Duck Hunt game for the original nintendo is Ulto"
by Styrocen May 01, 2003
Noises, compiled into notes that are pleasuring to the ear. Stimulating the mind. Syninom: Linkin Park
Linkin Park is good music
by styrocen May 01, 2003
The most over-rated band on Earth. Seen as kinda cute by chicks in the 60's b/c they wore matching clothes. But the media blew it all out of proportion. Now, the new generation is raised, blindly beleiving that the Beatles changed history, because it was beaten into them.
The Beatles suck
by Styrocen May 01, 2003

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