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I want to set the record straight of SO MANY PEOPLE being TERRIBLE to the stereotype of emo.

Emo does not mean you cut your self. It doesn't mean you wear skinny jeans, or tight shirts, or messed up shoes or greasy hair.

There are certain people in the world that don't care what others think of them too much, truly. They actually do like the color black, and while other people might not see their issues as important, somethings are backed with painful memories that are very important. just because their hair is black, or covers their face, doesn't mean they do it just for the sake of having it. A lot of people truly like the style.

A lot of emos ARE artistic, because most commonly being emo is when you're more in touch with yourself then other people your age. In fact, most of the people who are emo don't even classify themselves as emo becuase labels are not necessary.

If you cut yourself, it doesn't mean your emo, and if you don't it doesn't mean you aren't. The two things have nothing to do with each other!

Emo was originally short of emotional, in a musical genre sense. As it developed into a 'label', it means the same. A lot of emo people feel extreme emotions whether they be happy or sad.

I will admit there are emo posers, who cut themselves and dress for the sake of seeming badass, but some people seriously like the style!
Don't be mean about it, because what if I constantly stereoptyped and made fun of you? How would you feel?
Fake: Scratches wrists to make it look like they have scars, reads definitions on urban dictionary to find out how to be emo, goes around saying they're emo

Real: Dresses how they want, acts how they want, aren't influenced too easily, very in touch with who they are, a lot are very artistic and have real issues that are very important to them. or maybe the don't have issues, they're just a very in touch, artistic person
by stygianshadows13 September 28, 2011

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