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A fucking bad, strong impact such as a punch, hit, smack, or collision.
I backed my car into a tree and it got a good chingadazo.

He stole my wallet, what a chingadazo to my finances.

I'm going to give you a chingadazo if you don't leave me alone.
by stupidroro November 04, 2009
Noun. Someone who jumps from one player organization in a game to another organization repeatedly within a short period of time.
Blacktoe is such a guild jumper, he joined and left five guilds within a two month's time frame.
by stupidroro February 10, 2010
Noun. Someone who uses a guild or other play organization just for gear, flags, and such. They leave leaves immediately after their goals are reached for another (better) guild. Typically, the person repeats this cycle and destroys his/her reputation.
That guy is such a guild climber, once he got phat lewtz he could get from a top 25 guild he left for a top 10 guild.
by stupidroro February 10, 2010

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