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someone so completely lazy or useless that their only effect on this earth is to use up oxygen that could otherwise have been consumed by someone who doesn't deserve a solid kick up the arse.
i work with an oxygen thief. she brings a pillow and blanket to work and sleeps through night shift.
by stumpy March 26, 2004
a word derived from the biblical town of sodom, heavily laden with connotations of homosexual immorality.

in its original context the word referred to any form of sexual activity not including heterosexual vaginal intercourse. it thus included masturbation and any form of oral sex, whether heterosexual or homosexual. however, judeo-christian moralists co-opted the term as part of their long standing persecution and demonisation of homosexuality, and, rightly or wrongly, the term has now come to refer almost exclusively to gay anal sex.
strictly speaking, we're either celibate or sodomites.
by stumpy April 02, 2004
A name often given to a style of music which combines heavy metal with circus/carnival music, jazz, techno, Turkish music, Egyption music, Surf music, bossa nova, 50's rock n roll, etc. Highly experimental, very strange, yet very different and fresh.
Mr. Bungle, Darth Vegas, Dog Fashion Disco, Headkase, Vicious Hairy Mary, Fantomas, Secret Cheifs 3, Chin.
by Stumpy January 05, 2004
An Australian term (usually from the Brisbane area) meaning good, great, excellent. An expression of satisfaction.
That movie is the crisps!
by Stumpy January 05, 2004
A variation of the word nub or noob, refering to both computer users and golfers.
STFU you nubbins
by stumpy August 06, 2003
it means a joint in spanish.
pasa el pinche churro guey.(for the white folks)- pass that churro cletis.
by stumpy March 08, 2005
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