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in addition to all its other obvious meanings, "twat" is also the past pluperfect subjunctive for a post on Twitter, also called a "tweet."
guy 1: "dude, have you been tweeting at all today?"

guy 2: "you moron, if i had twat, you would have gotten it."

bill clinton: "you losers. i have twat all the time."
by stuku April 29, 2009
n: a situation in which two people enjoy driving -- or worse, must share driving -- the same car.
girl: "I'm in love with my car."
guy: "Does your husband suspect anything?"
girl: "He loves driving it, too."
guy: "Garage a trois!"
by stuku June 01, 2009
a room or space in a home set aside and equipped for the entertainment of the boy(s) of the household. similar to a man cave except designed for pre-adult males.
woman: "it's awfully quiet. where's jake?"
man: "i think he's playing xbox down in the boy cave."
woman: "but lauren came over to see him."
man: "uh-oh."
by stuku July 23, 2009
adj. (1) a frenzied state in which the smartphone user searches, installs and plays with applications to the point of neglecting work, sleep, family and life in general.

(2) the state of being dazed silly, giddy or incoherent, or engaging in abnormal behavior as a result of going way around the bend with smartphone apps.
nobody saw mark for a month when he got all app-happy with his new phone.
by stuku March 31, 2011
the one type of alcohol or mixed drink that mere thoughts of which will forever sicken the drinker, due to a really bad experience in the past.
partier # 1: patron shots for everybody!
partier # 2: (gags and runs away.)
partier # 1: WTF?
partier # 3: he had waaaay too many shots at his sister's wedding. now tequila's his signature liquor.
by stuku August 09, 2009
marking a tentative date in an electronic calendar. replaces the term "pencil you in" which has been falling into disuse since the early 1990s, except among ad agency executives, art students and hipsters who cling to use of the moleskine planner.
hugo: "can we meet tuesday?" (opens his moleskine.) "i'll pencil you in."
bob: (pulls out blackberry.) "you do that. i'll pixel you in."
by stuku August 31, 2009
an internet user who obsessively pursues connections and interactions with celebrities on social networking websites.
lady gaga is friends with 50 legit acquaintances and 4,950 starfrienders.
by stuku February 09, 2011

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