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4 definitions by stuju

A person who sucks the social life out of the people they are around. Generally a needy, clingy person. This person may also assimilate parts of the group, after only one or two encounters.
She's so draining; I'm not going out if I have to hang out with that social vampire.
by Stuju March 14, 2005
56 17
(n.) - A condition within a game of euchre when your opponent calls trump, and you have a lone hand (often JJAKQ) in the opposite colour.
Opponent: Diamonds

You: Aw F@#$! We just got Keuchered! I had a lone hand in Spades! {you overturn the table in frustration}
by Stuju March 24, 2005
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A completely ficticious piece of work.
They should put a textbook disclaimer sticker on the bible.
by Stuju March 15, 2005
63 70
An evil capitalist organization which purchased an amazing Canadian clothing company called Bluenotes (nee Thrifty's), and turned it into a prepy knock off company, that sells jeans that are wrinkled, torn, and look like they've been worn.
If you want worn clothes, go to Value Village.

American Eagle is about to release the ultimate in vintage clothing... Jeans that smell like cat pee...
by stuju September 20, 2005
28 72