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1)inbred, backwoods, mullet wearin, coors light drinkin, govt cheese eatin, chat room trolling, c.o.p.s. watchin, 4x4_dually_quad cab_with the calvin sticker drivin, old_couch_on_the_porch sittin, bowlin alley hangin, cow shit flingin, grade repeatin, gots me a double wide, waste of human space/space of human waste.

2)people that argue over which tastes better, budweiser or coors? or which truck is the best, ford, chevy or dodge?

see also:
hill billy
white trash
trailer trash
trans am
monte carlo
summer teeth
jerry springer
yonder, y'all, fixin
honest officer, i was just helpin the sheep over the fence.

yup, cletus is still a virgin, his sister's on the track team ya know.

ma, where's my wranglers? i got a date.
by studebacherhoch January 15, 2004
slang for the "mother" of all cuss words.
used mainly because friggin and frickin make you sound like a hill jack.

best used with a scottish accent.
i frucken ate dat spotty little bastud
by studebacherhoch January 15, 2004
Descriptive adjective pertaining to a towering level of inebriation.

See crunk
"The only reason she slept with you last night was because she was Hee-Haw drunk"
by studebacherhoch May 13, 2004
a mans(term used loosely) bathing suit somewhat resembling womens thong underwear. -not a pretty picture.

"speedo nut bag"
"butt floss"
cover the childrens eyes dear, here comes another ballcoozie
by studebacherhoch January 16, 2004
not as cool as "frucken"
i frucken ate it when e does dat
by studebacherhoch January 15, 2004
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