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A person who does a fart (usually silent) in an area and then leaves, thereby leaving the smell for others to savour.
That guy is a mean cropduster.

He was the worst cropduster that I've ever met.
by stub004 July 06, 2004
An Australian word started at Xavier College, Melbourne that means 'as if', and denotes disbelief. Can be used widely. Can also be used instead of 'rolled','wrecked' or 'owned'
Tim: I could have any girl in this room.
Matt: Yelse! (or Yelse you could).

'Yeh he totally yelsed me' (proved me wrong)

'He's in need of a yelsing' (needs to be put in his place)

Jon: Let's go to the football.
Pat: Yelse to that! (No let's not!)
by stub004 July 06, 2004
An acronym for Women Over Men. It describes a man or boy who is heterosexual and but spends all his time with women and not his male friends.

Often a man can become a WOM because he has not had a girlfriend for a very long time. All of a sudden he gets one, and then spends ALL his time with her, instead of friends.
Man, he's the biggest WOM ever.

-Where is Jack today?
-Ah he's out womming it up with his
girlfriend Jess.
by stub004 July 06, 2004
a kid that must wank as soon as he gets home. Sexual gratification is utterly important to him...but no-one else will give it to him.
Man, I bet that fat kid gerard is a go home and wank kid.

Mum: 'Hi honey, how was school?'
David: 'Wait, just a minute mum, just a minute! I have to go to the toilet'

*Runs to the bathroom and after a few minutes returns looking rather flushed*
by stub004 November 06, 2004
what do you do when you are driving along and see a pothole? you try to avoid it. Same thing happens when you see a pothole person!

Also see speedhump
'Oh fuck, here comes that stupid pothole, let's go over there so he doesn't see us'

'Damn, Ryan is such a pothole, as soon as he walks up, everyone leaves.'
by stub004 November 06, 2004
Used to describe the quality of women in one particular area. (whether they are good looking or not)
Daniel: Are there any good-lookig women where you work?

Nick: Shit yeh, the Georgha rating is through the roof'
by stub004 July 06, 2004
When you're driving and you see speedhumps you go 'ohh damn. not again!' and they really annoy you. Same with a speedhump person.

See pothole
Dman, here comes Scotty, that major speedhump, I hope he doesn't try to speak to us!
by stub004 November 06, 2004

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