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75 definitions by stu

big hottie from csh with a huge dick wait thats stu, ams is a gay iraqi aka amer the bomber
there gonnah stop u like airpot security on amer
by stu February 18, 2003
likes to go to gay bars, small pecker, enjoys things being put in him ;)
by Stu May 26, 2003
A small gnome-like creature, defined by it's state of arty-fartyness and obscure emo display names.
A LooC;
There is LooC;
"What is that biting my ankles? Oh its LooC *kick* "
by Stu January 31, 2005
dodgy butcher, domebody who takes it up the backside.
Do you take your meat up the back?
by Stu March 01, 2005
A total merkin. A person who is a complete cretin. Usually is totally inept with females and sports a beard.
"Oh god, he's such a ingle"
by stu February 18, 2004
Originally seen on the General Mayhem forums, Vault is the place where we keep the funny, aka, comedy gold, platinum and plutonium. only the finest metals of comedy are stored in the vault.
Vault this shit, its comedy gold!
by Stu September 26, 2004
the goose is the part of the body between your arse hole and your ball sac.
Gaz loves havin his goose licked by crazy geordie stalkers
by stu August 04, 2004