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Vaginal Fart
When i was having sex with my girl, she queefed all night long.
by Stu November 16, 2003
When something happens in the workplace and everybody's heads bob over their cubicles.
by Stu April 13, 2003
A person (preferably a woman)who has the uncanny ability to swallow completely a man's penis until his balls rest on their (her) chin. Usually associated with a person with no gag reflex.
Ericka gobbled my whole cock, she ended up with face balls.
by Stu January 24, 2005
Amazing Metalcore/Hardcore band from the Orange County in America. They are NOT Metrosexual, if you want metrosexual look at Jockboy Beckham.

Vocals - James Hart
Lead Guitar - Keith
Guitar - Ken
Bass - Mick
Drums - Trevor

Amazing songs to check out:
Waiting For The Heavens
Lost In A Dream
A Short Walk Down A Long Hallway
OMG I've seen them twice in concert and nothing beats them!!!!!!
by stu May 02, 2005
Chavs use this word when they are jealous of how clever and intelligent you are.
I'm gonna fuckin write bellend on the wall coz it's me favourite word o' week (writes 'Bilend'). There yaa go mate bellend. Fuckin' that's what you un's are innit ya fuckin'...CLAXON...Fuck me charver...I'M FUCKED!
by stu January 02, 2005
Slang for the word "nothing".
George is NUFFIN!

<Stu> "How bigs your package George?"
<George> "I've got NUFFIN. I am NUFFIN. Me, NUFFIN, same same."
by Stu October 15, 2003
The term used when someone of the male persuasion throws their freshly worn underwear right in another person's face.
After a long day of work, Mario came home and gave his wife a dick pie.

From the movie "Angus":
Troy Wenberg-"Now that's what I call getting a slice of the ol' dick pie"
by Stu March 14, 2004

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