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One who is so enthusiastic about attending a concert s/he wears a concert tee (old or new) of the band they are going to see to the actual concert. The wearer, in an attempt to exhibit their serious love for said event, is often seen as taking it and themselves a little TOO seriously. Can also be used loosely to describe someone who BLASTS the music of the artist on the way to the concert or in the parking lot while partying before/after the concert. Does not apply to wearing team jerseys to sporting events which is typically socially accepted.
Example of Shirt to the Show: Resurrecting your old "5150" Van Halen concert tee for the reunion tour; wearing your 'margaritaville'shirt annually to a Jimmy Buffett concert; sporting your "six flags" gear around six flags.
by sttsforeva June 04, 2010

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