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when a person experiences temporary blindness due to eye exposure to too many camera flashes.

frequently experienced at shows in the dark.
"YO! Lady! Did you see that bangin' guitar riff?"
"Naaww maaan, i am sooo flash-eyed right now. you dont even know."
by stretchmarx June 21, 2007
when weather is extreme and your nipples get very hard. it can only occur during harsh rain or snow storms, especially during storms with lightning.
"Yo DUUUUDE! did you see that lightning??!"
"Naw son, i must have missed it but your needle nips are hanging out."
by stretchmarx June 21, 2007
the area of the female body in which ovaries (O's) reside.
Hey Melanie, your o-zone is looking mighty bloated today...could it be that time of the month?
by stretchmarx June 21, 2007
slang terminology for OVARIES. the feminine version of the term "balls".
Hey Laura! Your O's are cruisin' for a bruisin'.
by stretchmarx June 21, 2007

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