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5 definitions by stren

to joke; to be kidding. I'm kidding= I keed
"I keed, I keed, I just make a little joke" Triumph the insult comic dog
by stren November 14, 2003
220 29
polish word for homie. Used mainly by hip-hoppers and skaters.
Siewka ziomal!!
by stren November 15, 2003
22 13
polish word for wassup how you doin or hi. Used mainly by "produkt" characters and readers.
siewka ziomale!
by stren November 15, 2003
4 3
The most wicked, cool, funny, gangsta, intelligent, and handsome person in Warsaw, Poland. And I ain't saying this because it's's the truth!
That stren guy is one tough, funny, handsome and intelligent gangsta!
by stren November 15, 2003
6 8
"Hard Disk Jockey". A new form of "disc jockey", this DJ uses computer software stored on his hard drive as his medium of choice for mixing music, and doesn't use turntables or cd decks.
Sasha used to be a DJ, now he's a HDJ
by stren December 21, 2004
4 9