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The voice that talks to you from the announcement speaker.
"Cleanup in aisle 1!"
"God? Is that you?"
by strawberryjello March 04, 2006
A cross between a glomp and a huggle. To run up to a person, embrace them (usually from behind), and then continue hugging. Usually leads to snuggling as well.
Jean gave Kain a huge glomple after he gave him cookies.
by strawberryjello February 06, 2005
A random word that can be used to respond to anything.
"Man, I just bombed that exam."

"Hey, do you want to work on my banana plantation?"
by strawberryjello April 12, 2004
The happier cousin of the dramallama. He brings joy to n00bs and oldbies alike.

"May the rofllama whisk you away to a magical paradise!"
by strawberryjello February 19, 2005
A move that pwnz all D: From the greatest flash movie ever made, Arfenhouse Teh Moevie Too!!
"It's doing it again... I'm nauseous..."
by strawberryjello September 08, 2004
When you see something so incredibly 1337 it is beyond all words.
"d00d, those bondage pants are bitchin' awesome!"
by strawberryjello October 02, 2004
Used to descrive massive pwnage.
"I just fragged that bitch!"
by strawberryjello March 04, 2006

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