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The day after Patch Tuesday (The second Wednesday of the month in months that don't start with Wednesday). The day you have to reboot your computer for the patch to be installed on your computer.
guy 1: Happy Reboot Wednesday!
guy 2: huh?
guy 1: nvm it's a computer nerd thing
by Straemer September 11, 2007
too much metal for one hand. done by putting hands in fists, putting them together (like the m's) and sticking up both your pinkies
woah slayer is way to heavy better switch from \m/ to \mm/
by straemer August 24, 2006
The second Tuesday of every month. The day when all the major companies put their updates out for their software.
Guy 1: Happy Patch Tuesday!
Guy 2: Thanks, I hope I don't get a Crash Thursday.
by Straemer October 10, 2007
Someone who will do whatever you ask them to do (a tool), but they always end up doing the wrong thing.
Christine is such a broken tool. I asked her to get the metronome, but she got me a banana instead.
by Straemer September 22, 2007
rolling on the floor laughing my ass off peeing my pants
guy 1: your mom's so fat when she goes to the beach, shes the only one that gets a tan
guy 2: rotflmaopmp
by Straemer August 27, 2007
The day after Reboot Wednesday (the second Thursday of months that don't begin with Wednesday or Thursday). The day when your system crashes because of the updates you installed on Patch Tuesday
Guy 1: Happy Crash Thursday!
Guy 2: Ya, thanks, I think I'm gonna need a System Restore Friday tommorow
by Straemer October 10, 2007
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