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Another word for "sacked", which is to tackle a quarterback before he throws the ball in American football. Coined by Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo in a Geico commercial
The home team's quarterback got Orakpoed five times in the first quarter.
by stop it loser December 17, 2011
Hit severely by gunfire.
The Bonnie & Clyde Car got riddled with bullets from the FBI.
by stop it loser July 23, 2007
The ultimate icebreaker. When you are talking a serious matter, but don't want to get bagged on, this is what you type.
Don't Do:

Guy1: That was wrong. You are stupid!


Guy1: Umm... nothing *gets ass kicked*

Do Do: (lol doo doo hehe)

Guy1: That was wrong. You are stupid lol

Guy2: lol!
by stop it loser August 08, 2006
Slang term popular among Italian-Americans in New York and New Jersey. The short form of minchia (the Sicilian word for the penis), usually used to show disappointment or surprise.
I tell him how to do it five times, and he still screws it up. Ming, what a friggin' stunad.
by stop it loser August 26, 2007

1. A group of U.S. Special Operations soldiers that specializes in counter-terrorism, recon, and stealth missions.

2. A series of computer games by NovaLogic that features said group, in which the player controls a character called "Bravo 1". You are taken to locations all across the Earth, doing things such as busting drug operations in Peru or eliminating Spetsnaz troops in Russia.
1. Since I was six, I had always wanted to join the Delta Force.

2. Since I was six, I had always played Delta Force games by NovaLogic.
by stop it loser November 22, 2007
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