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26 definitions by stop it loser

Money, short for the Spanish word "feria" meaning money.
How you doing on the feddy?
I'm kinda short, you know.
by stop it loser March 03, 2011
Abbreviation for "I know, huh?"
Used to show that you agree with something. Related to ikr.
"Chantel's biting your style, she totally knows that you have that same skirt."

by stop it loser October 07, 2009
One of the world's rarest things-- A kid between the ages of 4-13 who has an IQ of over 130 and wins spelling and math bees like cake walks, has 20 friends, and can play football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, track, etc. Usually named Paul or Rick or something like that
Hey that cool jock smart kid is really smart/cool/sporty!! He kicked my ass in a bee/decathlon/Myspace contest and let it show!
by stop it loser August 06, 2006
Don't like, don't watch

A response used to chastise unsavory comments on YouTube.
"God, the guy in this video is such a faggot, why do people like this shit?"

"DLDW, dumbfuck."
by stop it loser November 28, 2008
To unexpectedly screw up after a period of great performance. See choke.
Tom Brady pulled a Tom Brady at Super Bowl XLII.
by stop it loser September 23, 2009
Hit severely by gunfire.
The Bonnie & Clyde Car got riddled with bullets from the FBI.
by stop it loser August 14, 2007
Something so simple that it's for babies, just like Gerber baby food.
That test was freakin' Gerber!
by stop it loser March 08, 2011