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Dopher (Adj) - To be a double doofus times five.

Dophered (Verb) - To earn a "red card" (for saying something stupid).
Adj - "You are such a cristippin' dopher!" (see cristip)

Verb - "She just dophered."
by stoopidbandaid February 25, 2009
(Adj) - To be a loaf of bread.
(Noun) - A loaf of bread.
(Adj) - "You are such an effin cristip you fool!"; "You cristippin' idiot!"

(Noun) - "I bought a cristip yesterday!"
by stoopidbandaid February 25, 2009
The frilly things on the side of the paper.
Most people just call these things, "the frilly things on the side of the paper" but they're actually called Crotes.
I don't accept papers with crotes.
You left the crotes on you cristipping dopher!
You're nothing but a crote to me.

P1: I had crotes for lunch.
P2: You ate paper for lunch?
P1: Not just any paper, FRILLY paper!
by stoopidbandaid February 27, 2009

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