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3 definitions by stingo

Trousers (in Scouse/Liverpool dialect).
Fuckinell, I shat my kex in terror when I saw the dinosaur coming towards me.
by stingo April 13, 2008
22 3
To urinate. The term is regularly used in contexts when there's no toilet in sight.
Stop the car. I've had too much to drink and now I have to unload.
by stingo June 19, 2006
21 17
A beautiful place located in the shire. It is also the center of the universe and has an abnormally high elevation. People are friendly, offten lending fellow loftus dwellers favours without a second thought. The bushland is in pristine condition, providing a spectacular view for onlookers and bushwalkers alike.
1) Man, just passing through loftus was awesome!!! I wished i lived there!
2) Loftus is so high up, i can see tasmania from here!
3) Wow we're in the centre of the universe- we're in loftus!
by stingo October 10, 2005
36 36