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To become distracted from the task at hand by thoughts related to ultimate frisbee.
I was being really productive at work, then on the internet I can across scanned copies of the Rules of Ultimate dating back to the first edition. Did you know the first edition rules contain provisions for a variant of the game that's played entirely one-handed? Anyway, I got completely disctracted until it was time to go home.
#ultimate #frisbee #sport #game #disc
by stickitinplease November 03, 2010
An abbreviation for "she wants to fuck you." Usually uttered from one bro to another bro after a girl has shown her hand.
Guy 1 to Guy 2: "So I'm visiting my brother at NYU this weekend and we signed up for a pong tournament. Cash prize for first place is $200."
Random Chick 1: "Oh my gosh! Good luck!"
Guy 2 to Guy 1: "S.W.T.F.Y., dude."
Guy 1 to Guy 2: "Truth."
#fuck #slam #bone #plow #dtf
by stickitinplease October 28, 2010
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