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2 definitions by steveweree

A huge annual midsummer Friday afternoon boat, booze, beads and boobs party on Gull Island on Lake St Clair, Michigan. Back in the 1980s the auto industry used to hire a bunch of contract designers known as "Jobbies" since they would jump form job to job for an extra 25 cents an hour. On a hot sunny day, they would sometimes leave at noon (pull a nooner) and take their boats for a cruise on Lake St Clair.
Hey, are you blowing off work to go to the Jobbie Nooner?
by steveweree June 25, 2010
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Mother F***ing Time Vampire
Any project that should take 2 minutes, and 4 hours later is still not working properly.
Usually applies to software that does not install or work as it should and leads you down hours of forum searches, unrelated upgrades and version incompatibilities.
I tried to upgrade my laptop last night. What a MFTV!
by steveweree March 20, 2009
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