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A person who fucks retarded people.
Man: I love having sex with retarded girls.

Other Man: You're such a fucktard.
#fuck #retard #tard sex #tard #fucker
by steven yard June 29, 2010
The classic fish and chips with russian dressing requires at least three people, one of which must be a woman on her period, and one of which must be a man. The man penetrates the bleeding woman (this would be the fish and chips) and upon orgasm completes the preparation of the russian dressing, i.e. semen mixed with menstrual blood. The third person simply laps everything up from below. While the gender of the third person is irrelevant, their presence is necessary because it's only an FnC with RD if someone is eating it.
Man: I heard Napoleon was all about the fish and chips with russian dressing.

Woman: Oh word?
#bloody wings #period fucking #rag fucking #fish n chips #russian dressing #russian #blood #cum gargling
by steven yard June 29, 2010
To fuck a girl in the ass, having put one's balls in her pussy.
Yo bitch! How much to thunderbird that shit?
#dog in a bath #thunderbang #ass fucking #fuck #anal #dp #double penetration
by Steven Yard June 14, 2010
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