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What Dave Mustaine does to finish Megadeth with a bang.
by Steven May 08, 2004
Any variety of piece of shit car used to transport large unemployed inner city families.
Damn, look at dat beat up ass welfare wagon.
by steven September 09, 2003
Man, I'm all outta hydro. Guess it's time to see the reefer chief.
by Steven May 18, 2005
Omegasexual is the state of being where everything lusts after you. It does not denote your sexual preferance, but rather, denotes other peoples sexual preferance tward you, wether they are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even metrosexual.
John is so hot that he is Omegasexual.
by Steven July 12, 2004
What you are doing if you are sitting in a parking lot, usually at a 7-11 waiting for a girl that you havent seen forever to pass by.
We were loitering at 7-11 for no good reason
by Steven April 14, 2005
Insane firewall that our school uses. The logo is of course a dog, "Bess", and believe me you do not want to get her angry!
Steven: Dude! Check out this website!
Mike: Bess got me!
Steven: Ha! You can't fool Bess!
Mike: Hax hax hax!
by Steven March 25, 2005
Abbreviation - "It is not" all in one handy word.
It'sn't a crappy word you just dont know how to use it.
by Steven November 21, 2004

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