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adj. concerning or including rape
Steve: What's your favorite law and order?
Bill: It would have to be the rapedy one.
(Since Special Victims is about rape, it is the rapedy one.)
#rape #law and order #special victim's unit #svu #sexual assault
by stevelightning June 14, 2011
that long piss you take after drinking several beers
"Man I've been drinking for a while now. Any minute I'll have a huge beerpiss."
#beer #piss #pee drinking #drunk #booze
by stevelightning August 13, 2011
noun. pony tails or pigtails, especially the latter, because they can be used as handles during intercourse
My hair is being unruly today. I think I'll put up some rape handles.
#ponytails #pigtails #rape #rapedy #sexual assault
by stevelightning June 17, 2011
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