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The orgen in the body which produces gesticulations.
Carol Meyer has the biggest pair of gesticles EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
by steve linnard July 15, 2004
the evil tool of the one nown as.....*looks around* carol meyer....aka THE DEVILLL!!!!!
she will whack u over the head with her windchimes RUNNN!!!
by steve linnard July 15, 2004
small blu creatures who seem harmless at first but beware, they are vicious when given too much sugar
Ben has too much sugar and has biten me
by steve linnard July 15, 2004
HHEHHHHAEHEHHAHHEHEAAA i am going to SHOVE A BANANA UP UR ASS.....milk milk lemonade round the corner FUDGE IS MADE!!
a little too much sugar makes u do this^
by steve linnard July 15, 2004

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